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You ask, we answer

Thinking about getting your first tattoo? Have questions about our tattoo shop? Some commonly asked questions about getting a tattoo, and our Green Bay tattoo studio, are listed below. Please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns!

What is the deposit policy?2022-08-18T15:56:36+00:00

Deposits are taken for all tattoo bookings. We have a no refund policy on all deposits. The deposit will be held in lieu of the drawing fees, artists time and material for all cancellations and no-shows. For all cancellations with at least a 24 hour notice, the deposit will be transferred to your next booking. We enforce a strict no refund policy on ALL deposits.

What is the shop minimum?2022-08-18T15:56:19+00:00

There is a minimum for $80 for any tattoo work

Can I take home a design?2019-08-25T12:05:04+00:00

All of the stock designs available to the public are copy written. Therefore, legally we cannot allow the artwork to be removed from the studio. Our artists take a deposit for custom pieces to ensure their time is compensated. Custom artwork cannot leave the studio unless an exception is granted from the artist.

Is there a charge for an artist doing a drawing?2022-08-18T15:54:01+00:00

Yes, deposits taken at time of booking for tattoo’s will be held in lieu of drawing fees. Deposit amount is deducted from the final tattoo cost. We have a no refund policy on all deposits.

How much does a tattoo cost?2024-04-03T17:22:32+00:00

We have a $50 minimum on all tattoos. All artists are subcontractors and set their own rates. Keep in mind estimates may vary with each artist. All artists work at their own pace and have different styles which may affect the price of your tattoo. We recommend you always look at all of the artist’s portfolio and schedule with the artist you are most comfortable with.

Does it hurt?2019-08-25T12:04:18+00:00

Everyone’s definition of “hurt” is different because everyone feels pain differently. Unfortunately there is no absolute gauge of pain. Some people say it feels like a cat scratch on a sunburn. Different areas of your body are more sensitive then others. A general rule of thumb is; fatty areas hurt the most, muscle hurts the least and bony areas are in between.

Is there anything I need to bring with me for an appointment?2019-08-25T12:04:04+00:00

Make sure you bring all your reference artwork pertaining to your tattoo. Also make sure you are well fed and hydrated before your appointment. If not, bring food and/or beverages with you. We will also need a valid form of state or federal ID (drivers license, military I.D. or passports are accepted)

I am out of live out of town, and want a custom tattoo. Can I do a consultation over the phone or via e-mail?2019-08-25T12:03:48+00:00

It is often very challenging and sometimes impossible to do consultations by phone or e-mail. You can send us pictures and descriptions of your ideas and one of our artists will determine if it is something that can be done without a physical consultation. We will do our best to accommodate your situation. Understand there are some situations where an in-person consultation is necessary.

Can I book an appointment via e-mail?2019-08-25T12:03:28+00:00

We do not book appointments via e-mail. E-mailing is great for getting price and time estimations for tattoos and for asking general questions, but we do all booking either by phone or in person. So if you need to set up a consultation or once we give you a price and time estimation on you tattoo, you will need to call us at (920) 435-7152 or stop by the studio to book an appointment.

Do you take walk-ins for tattoos?2019-08-25T12:03:14+00:00

We do take walk-ins if we have time available. However, due to the busy nature of our studio at times, we also recommend you call ahead for an appointment to ensure availability.

Do I need to schedule the consultation with the same artist that I want to draw my custom tattoo?2019-08-25T12:02:59+00:00

Yes. Each artist’s style, pace, questions and note taking is different, so make sure you schedule your consultation with the artist you want to do your tattoo. This process ensures that you receive the best tattoo and service our artists can provide.

What do I need to do to have a custom design drawn?2019-08-25T12:02:39+00:00

Call the studio @ (920) 435-7152 and schedule a consultation appointment with one of our artists. We require a deposit on all custom artwork. The amount of the deposit depends on the size of the artwork. The deposit amount will be credited towards the price of the tattoo.

What is a consultation?2019-08-25T12:02:07+00:00

A consultation is a free-of-charge, scheduled, 15-minute meeting with a tattoo artist where you discuss your ideas, bring in any reference you have, get a price and time estimation and ask any questions you have about your tattoo or the process. If you decide to go forward with the tattoo, the artist and/or counter person can book an appointment for you.

What type of artwork do your artists do?2019-08-25T12:01:53+00:00

Our artists are well-rounded and experienced in all types of artwork, including custom and stock designs. Feel free to check out our artist’s individual work in the portfolio section of this site or in person at the studio.

What is the legal age to get a tattoo?2019-08-25T11:51:45+00:00

Wisconsin state law requires that you must be eighteen years of age, regardless if parental consent or accompaniment, to get a tattoo.

The shop is always immaculate. Although my Artist was a bit stale, his pre-mullet was glorious. He reminded me of a young Mel Gibson. This shop is awesome and they are a great group of guys. As far as I’m concerned, this is the only shop…. Thanks again!!

Elvis Walkin

Everything about this place is absolutely wonderful. I just got my first tattoo and Eric was so kind, professional, and made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Artragous Ink to anyone looking for their first or any additional tattoos. Absolutely love it!

Olivia Zehms

I haven’t been to Artrageous in years, but decided to go back.. I got 3 new tattoos from Eric E. He was very quick and friendly. They also we quick about getting design I liked. I love the way they turned out and will be back to get more. Thanks Artrageous Ink!

Melissa Krueger

I went with my roommate and we had an absolute blast! Brady and Steve gave us amazing pieces, got us in super fast, and were a bunch of fun. We can’t wait to go back 🙂

Gwendolyn Frederickson

HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend getting a tattoo here!!! Very friendly fun environment and Brady was the BEST, will definitely go back and refer people to Artrageous Ink!!!!!

Melissa Lueskow